Follow new updates and improvements to Snoooz.

July 15th 2024

  1. Added onboarding videos

  2. Fixed product tour

  3. Updated onboarding flow

  4. Updated travel deals

  5. Fixed Refresh button

  6. Fixed calendar block

  7. Fixed Salesforce integration

  8. User invitation fixed for existing users

  9. Fixed chrome extension bugs

  10. Other Bug fixes

July 9th 2024

1. Snoooz email autoresponder can now be triggered for specific dates, specific hours, or anytime

2. Emails can now be drafted in addition to sending

3. Emails can now be delayed to give the impression that they were manually sent

4. Snoooz branding can be removed on paid plans

5. Booking links can be enriched with sender's information thereby eliminating the need for your customers to fill a form

6. Chrome extension improvements (Microsoft users can now use the chrome extension)

7. Text editor improvements (more formatting options, ability to add and resize images, and more)

8. Rule improvements (respond based on email domain)

9. Launch of User feedback portal (Suggest a feature)

10. Bug fixes